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Designed by the genius that made Danish design world known. 

Arne Jacobsen



Meet Arne Jacobsen: An insistent perfectionist

The genius that caused Danish design to be celebrated around the world. Arne Jacobsen's modernistic designs are still admired and relevant today and many of his products are still being produced. Though he is best known for his iconic mid 20th century furniture, lighting and clock designs he believed he was first and foremost an architect. His architecture endures in many buildings in Scandinavian as well as in Germany, the UK and Pakistan. Arne Jacobsen clocks and watches are entirely faithful to the original designs and are exclusively licensed to Copenhagen Watch Group A/S Denmark.   





The range

The City Hall2marketing-comments.pngThe Roman


Arne Jacobsen won the competition to design Denmark’s National Bank in 1961. The building was completed in 1978, seven years after his death. The Bankers Clock hangs in the 20-metre high lobby, which extends like a cathedral through the building’s six floors. The walls are covered in marble, and daylight pours through narrow vertical windows.

ROMAN 1942

Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller designed the Aarhus City Hall, which was inaugurated in 1942. Their winning proposal, however, was without a clock tower. According to Jacobsen’s design philosophy, a tower has no real function, and has no place in design. But following public outcry, the two architects added a 60-metre tower featuring an elegant clock that we now call Roman.


Arne Jacobsen designed many homes and buildings in the Copenhagen suburb of Rødovre in the 1950s and 1960s. One of his most detailed projects was Rødovre City Hall from 1956. Inspired by international trends in this period, Jacobsen designed every last detail himself including the clock and decorated the building with his own line of furniture.


Arne Jacobsen designed a house in the 1930s for H.J. Hansen, manager of Lauritz Knudsen. Hansen saw potential in the young architect and asked if he might be interested in designing a clock. The result was the table clock Station, which was presented at the Charlottenborg Spring exhibition in 1939.





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