The revolutionary dial
Introducing a watch design that challenges traditional thinking 




PICTO means picture

Ever since the first mechanical clocks were made in the 1200s, they have consisted of a face and two hands. Until Steen Georg Christensen and Erling Andersen set out to challenge the traditional understanding of a mechanical watch. The year is 1984. Steen and his partner Erling had a mission: to design a watch that challenged traditional thinking. The watch should be as minimalistic as possible and only consist of a dial and one hand.

The result is PICTO®. PICTO® means picture and is the world’s first wristwatch that displays time as a pictogram – or an icon of time in perpetual motion. With its clean, minimalist graphic lines, PICTO® sets a new standard for the way of showing time. The hour is marked with a dot on the rotating dial, while the minutes are indicated by a conventional hand. A technical design that is unique for a watch and which was the first of its kind. More than 40 years later PICTO® still manages to stand out with their revolutionary dial.





The range



Each watch comes with either a silicone, genuine leather watch strap or mesh band, made of 316 stainless high-grade steel. Each strap is interchangeable, and depending on whether you choose a silver, gold, rose gold, black mesh or even a colourful leather or silicone band for your PICTO® watch, you can easily swap it around for one of the many other colour options available. 

30cm & 40cm CASE SIZES

Choose whether you want a watch dial measuring 30cm or 40cm. With your PICTO® watch, size is all up to you. All watches are unisex with a clean minimalist design. 





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