A French Affair
Made in France, from design to assembly, with passion, creativity and innovation 




Made in France

Pierre Lannier watchmaker was established in 1977 by husband and wife team Béatrice and Jean-Paul Burgun, in the Alsace Region of France. Now over 40 years later, and led by their son Pierre, the workshop is still located in the French countryside 450km east of Paris with over 120 full time watchmakers and support staff. Pierre Lannier produces in excess of 500,000 watches each year. 

Pierre Lannier has a very simple philosophy; ‘Elegant quality products at affordable prices’. Made in France, from design through to assembly, with passion, innovation and creativity each watch is a quality timepiece backed by a 2 year international warranty. Pierre Lannier continues to invest in new watchmaking techniques, regularly renewed designs, and contemporary materials to offer a chic and very French classic aesthetic.





The range



Created and assembled in France, in workshops in Alsace, Pierre Lannier watches represent all the experienced "savoir-faire" of the French in-house designers and watchmakers. Their designs, whether classy or trendy, are conceived to accompany you in every moment of your life. Thanks to their quality, ensured by hand-made manufacturing, as well as by the precision of their movements, these timepieces will stay with you for a long time. 






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